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Wireless Electronic CNC Handwheel MACH3 6 Axis Pulse Pendant MPG

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Product DescriptionDescription:Wireless Electronic Handwheel MACH3 6 Axis Pulse Pendant MPG Remote Control Handwheel for CNC Engraving MachineManual:&...

Product Description

Description:Wireless Electronic Handwheel MACH3 6 Axis Pulse Pendant MPG Remote Control Handwheel for CNC Engraving Machine



Communication ChannelISM, 433MHZ
Wireless Transmission Distancebarrier-free 40meters
Button16 (support 10 macro-code buttons)
Transmitting Power10DB
Receiving Sensitivity-98DB
Maximum Axis6 axis
DisplayDot matrix LCD backlight display
Power Supply2x AA alkaline batteries (NOT included)


1. Auto frequency hopping when noise. 
Frequency band:433Mhz,ISM ,the output power up to10DB,High receiver sensitivity -98DB.
32 hopping channels,the channel frequency gap is 1Mhz.
The transmission is encrypted, auto build communication network and pair. auto hopping when noise.
32 sets of wireless MPG could be used at the same time in one room.  
2. LCD display
Display the X Y Z A B C axis work and machine coordinate data. 
Display the spindle and feed speed.
The lcd display data with background light. 
3. Axis/Step band switch 
To choose X/Y/Z/A/B/C axis or close all axis by axis switch,to choose jog step by step switch. 
4. Support 10 macro function button.
-Industrial grade design, dust proof design, stable and reliable.
-Applied to a variety of CNC systems, suitable for the use of the industry are: engraving machine industry, engraving and milling machine industry, CNC lathe industry, laser cutting machine industry, flame cutting machine industry, plasma cutting machine industry, automation production control industry. 

Package Included:

1 x CNC Handwheel (Batteries are NOT included)
1 x CD
1 x USB Driver Flash Disk
1 set x Mounting Accessories
2 x User Guide 

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